Qualitative study- ADHD

Qualitative study- ADHD

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This week, we will talk about qualitative studies. Most of the studies we have posted thus far are quantitative – they measure a variety of things; they count things; they compare things such as number of packs of cigarettes vs. life expectancy.

THIS week, we are going to look at qualitative studies. If you can find a qualitative study related to your topic, please bring it to our board.

For example, what is the “lived experience” of women with heart disease; or an ethnographic study of persons living with HIV/AIDS or a grounded theory study on your topic. List your topic as a search term and then add the search term qualitative study and see what comes up. If you need help, Elizabeth and I are here to help you.

Think about how this study feels different from a quantitative study.

Please use these source for the paper:
The occurrence of adverse drug reactions reported for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications in the pediatric population: a qualitative review of empirical studies

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