Quality Management' in an automobile manufacturing unit

Quality Management’ in an automobile manufacturing unit

Paper details:

The project report must adhere to the following:

1. The report should describe solving an engineering problem by a college student visiting the factory as in intern.
2. Content used should be relevant to the period 1998 – 2002.
3. Complexity of the project / engineering problem should be in line with something that can be solved by a college student.
4. The career episodes should be written in 1st person (i.e. using “I” rather than “we” when possible), and detail my role in the relevant engineering projects.
5. The format should be as per the attached example.
6. Career episodes must be in story format and should not include excessive content in the form of Diagrams, equations, tables, flowcharts etc.
7. It must be no more than 2500 words.

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