Reaction/Discussion Paper on Cognittive Psychology

Reaction/Discussion Paper on Cognittive Psychology

Paper details:

Discuss cognitive psychology as one possible perspective on human behavior. The context here is obviously Fernald’s (2008) Chapter 7 as well as the two video segments. Please revisit the course syllabus as needed to review the specifications for this assignment. Due Date: 11:00pm, Friday, July 8


Characterize the foundations of cognitive psychology with a particular emphasis on Gestalt psychology and Piaget’s cognitive studies.
Discuss the respective roles played by each of the following areas where cognitive psychology is concerned: sensation and perception; processes in memory; and thought and language.
Discuss the major tenets of cognitive therapies with a particular focus on rational-emotive therapy and therapy for depression.

Each reaction/discussion paper must address
—though not exclusively

a critical analysis
of the designated reading
or media resource in accordance with the following
subsections: (a)
addressing a brief summary of the principal theoretical constructs
and em
pirical research base; (b)
Evaluative Critique
inclusive of your pro and con
assessment of the aforementioned constructs and research bases; and (c)

World Applications
addressing viable ways in which the designated focus
consideration may relate
to one or more pragmatic concerns such as therapy,
instruction, parenting, and/or workplace behavior. The stylistic
/ formatting
specifications for each reaction/discussion paper are as follows: two

processed pages
(approximately 500-
in toto
; double
maximum of one
-inch margins
—top, bottom, right, and left; 12-
point Times New
Roman font
; American Psychological Association (APA) stylistic format

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