Reflection Exercise 1

Reflection Exercise 1

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Read the Personal Reflection Exercise at the conclusion of Chapter 7 of the Burghardt & Tolliver text (in the print version of the book this is on page 40) and answer the following questions in essay format using proper APA style. In other words, you must have a title page and headings (use the key words in the questions below for headings). Since these questions are based on your experience and opinion, there won’t be any References this time. I would expect that you would have at least one paragraph for each answer.

1. Considering Allison’s example, as a professional, is such a background helpful in working with others? Is it a problem? Or is it perhaps both a blessing and a curse? Explain why you think so.

2. Reflect on your own childhood. What role did you play in your own household as a caretaker?

3. How have your early roles in your family helped you in your career in social work?

4. Where have those family roles been a hindrance in your career in social work?

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