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research proposal

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I got my research proposal done from speedy paper for which the order number was #642486, for that i have now received feedback from my teacher and i want the revision of the proposal i already have (Order #642486) from the same writer, i am attaching all the documents required including the old question and answer, please read the file “Assessment 02 Final proposal” and edit the proposal considering that and the feedback thanks. Feedback from the teacher is

Where is the reference list?You need to explain in your proposal what design you are to use (here is the link to quantitative but you can find qualitative if you are doing it) and then chose the research method. You need to justify them too.You need to clearly explain what steps you propose to undertake and why. You need research objectives, research questions, methodology (explaining how you are going to conduct research and why. This has not been done yet. Please, see the link below:

You need to describe design, data collection methods in more detail, and data analysis methods that you are going to use and justify them in more detail. These have to be clear and explained why you propose them IN much more detail.
In other words, you need to beef up your literature and extract your R. questions and objectives right from it. That would allow you to come up with stronger methodology section and provide detail of your proposed research design and possible outcome which is not about specific details but rather the direction. For example, you do not tell us what exact numbers you expect from increased
advertising. You just tell us that you expect to learn whether advertising will possibly affect the sales. That is our class example.

Attached 3 files 1. Assessment 01 initial proposal This was the question for the initial proposal 2. (Answer Assessment 01) Order 618335. This was the answer to assessment 1 I received from speedy paper. 3. Assessment 02 final proposal Please consider this file and the feedback copied above while making this order.

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