Scholar-Practitioner Project: Visual Representation of Public Health Leadership Theory

Scholar-Practitioner Project: Visual Representation of Public Health Leadership Theory

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Scholar-Practitioner Project: Visual Representation of Public Health Leadership Theory
Having a Public Health Leadership Theory is essential to any public health leader. With a well-constructed theory, you integrate leadership perspectives into practice in order to offer solutions to public health problems. Also, with a visual representation of your theory, you may present another way to highlight your research with effective design and theory implementation.
For this Project Assignment, you complete another part of your Public Health Leadership Theory based upon your understanding of leadership perspectives you have reviewed in this course. In addition, you must use a systems thinking approach in the development of your visual representation of your personal Public Health Leadership Theory. As you post your visual representation, you may find using a computer scanner helpful in scanning your image and attaching it to your post.
The Assignment (3–4 pages):
This week you will provide a visual representation of your public health leadership theory. It can be a table, schematic diagram, graph, or any other representation you choose. Please feel free to be creative. However, the focus MUST be on leadership. Be sure to provide a narrative explanation that shows how the developed theory can close the “gap” identified in the first part of the project. Additionally explain how it incorporates system thinking. Remember your theory can be based on those that we have learned about or your own. There is no wrong theory. What matters is the explanation of how it addresses the gap and uses system thinking. While this doesn’t have to be addressed now, keep in mind the last part of the project will involve presenting a methodology that tests the developed theory empirically. Let’s help one another with the project. Post your questions and thoughts in the “Contact the Instructor” area. Please feel free to weigh in on your colleagues comments.
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