School uniform: Does it really benefit students?

School uniform: Does it really benefit students?

Paper details:

Write a well-reasoned argumentative paper, in which you answer this question: Should high school student wear uniform in school?

You must take a position on one side of the issue or the other. It is not acceptable to just list the advantages and disadvantages of it. Regardless of the position you take, the paper must include supporting points and one or more counterarguments, clearly and fairly articulated.

The paper should be written in formal, academic English.

This paper is the “Final Draft”. ( the pages number does not include references list, and please forward me the resources you used)

And there is an “sample” essay in the “materials”.

IRP Overview
Now that you have written two short academic research papers, you
are ready to write your final, independently researched paper for this course. In it you will demonstrate that you understand how to discover and narrow a topic appropriate for academic research. You will show that you can do library research, using the skills learned in the library workshops and CLUE. Finally, you will show that you can write a well-organized, academic paper on a topic about which you knew little only a few weeks before. In short, you will work hard, but will leave English 118 with a sense of accomplishment.

Requirements for the paper:

Topics: Your topic must be approved by your instructor; no changes after Friday, April 10.
Length: 8-10 pages
Formatting: APA style; i.e. 1-inch margins (22-24 lines per page), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font.
Sources: At least 7 sources, 4 of which must be scholarly, substantial sources.
Associated Assignments: The IRP consists of the following graded assignments:
• Assignment 1: Two Possible IRP Topics + a Feasibility Report and/or a Research Journal
• Assignment 2: Working Bibliography (5%)
• Assignment 3: Formal Proposal (5%)
• Assignment 4: Thesis & Detailed Outline (5%)
• Assignment 5: Two pages from the IRP (5%) (There will be no rewriting of assignments 2-5)
• Conference Draft: 20%
• Assignment 6: Oral Presentation (10% of course grade)

NOTE: You must get a “C” or better to pass the IRP. Note that the IRP counts for 40% of your grade for the course, and that you must receive a passing grade on the IRP in order to pass English 118.
Plagiarism is a serious writing crime in this culture. If your instructor discovers plagiarism in your IRP (on any draft) – for example, you take something directly from an article without documenting it with an in-text citation, you will fail the IRP and have to repeat English 118. Moreover, if you do not adequately paraphrase source material throughout your paper, even if you cite it, you will have points taken off and might receive a failing grade if you do not correct the problem in the next draft.
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