science of the stars

science of the stars

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The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram self-guided tutorial

Write a 700- to 875-word paper in which you discuss the science of sunlight and stars. Include the following elements:
Explain how astronomical instruments help astronomers determine the composition, temperature, speed, and rotation rate of distant objects.
Explain the properties of stars in the diagram located in the “What is a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram?” section in Ch. 12 of The Essential Cosmic Perspective.
Summarize the complete lifecycle of the Sun, including its nature and properties.
Determine where the Sun is in its lifecycle.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use the following subtitles for each section.You would lose 10 points if you did not use these subtitles.

Introduction (10%)

How to Determine the Properties of Distant Objects
Rotation Rate(10%)

Properties of Stars in the HR Diagram(20%)
Life Cycle of the Sun and its Current Status(20%)

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