Sesame Street and culture

It has been said that Sesame Street influenced the way children learn. Culture is just one aspect where Sesame Street tries to teach children about diversity. You can use the website growing up Sesame Street to help you get ideas. I want each of you to create a Sesame Street character for a culture. It can be any culture using the definition from the text. You can and should search further for more information about this topic. Also there is a documentary about Sesame Street discussing this very topic.

1)You will have to pick a culture. Remember the definition of culture from class.

2)Create a character. Choose colors and gender and a name. Remember the characters will have to fit a culture you feel is not already represented on the show

3)Make sure you are able to defend your choices. Let the class know why you chose these colors and the name.

4)Finally choose the message you want your character to project. What is the ultimate lesson you want him/her to teach.

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