Case Analysis (Individual)
Around 300 words (not include references)
Please Just copy question (1…2…3…)on paper and answer them based on well researched references.(3-5)
Based on the information contained in the IKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge case study, your task is to:
1. Analyse what might be the source of worry for Marianne Barner in May, 1995.
2. Suggest a way forward for Marianne Barner with regard to the supply contract with Rangan exports?
3. Comment on whether IKEA should simply comply with local laws or follow a higher global code of ethics and corporate social responsibility
Ensure you make well-researched references to 1) the case study; and 2) key SHRM and ER theories and concepts. Outstanding answers will demonstrate evidence-based responses and your ability to integrate knowledge of key SHRM and ER concepts as applied to the case.

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