Slave Labor in Qatar – Human Rights violations

Adopt an academic approach, rather than a passionately journalistic one. Therefore, an idea is to praise Qatar for its huge accomplishments in different areas, including in Human Rights (ratification of several human rights conventions etc) but, at the same time, discuss the challenges faced and identify their root causes and ways to adopt a human rights centred approach with regards to labour migration.To make your piece more academic, you should also explain the concepts of forced labour in international law, within the framework of the international labour organisation and the UN bodies and agencies in general. Are there any guidelines for countries to respond to challenges? How does Qatar implement them? Has it taken any steps to resolve the issue? Have those been successful, if not, why not.

The dissertation must be split into sections and include the following: a) an abstract of under 200 words; b) page numbers; c) a contents page or section; d) a bibliography of all sources used (including those not cited). Your dissertation should include an in-depth review of the academic literature. A good dissertation usually has a minimum of 25 academic articles/academic books in the reference list (in addition to other reports and materials. e) include charts and graphs for your data

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