All information must be properly cited in APA format. The paper will include information from:1) The Film “Consuming Kids” must be used. It is viewable online:
2) AT LEAST two peer-reviewed, academic journal articles must be used as a source (from UOIT library website). To find this, go to, when you open that you’ll see searching box and on top of that is ( Journals A-Z) click on that and find any two sources, you have to sign in so this is the username: 100539984, password: Aa1234
3) You MAY use government websites, news, or magazine articles only if the information used is not already available in peer-reviewed journals and you must have already used your minimum number of peer-reviewed journals.

please make sure you read the instructions word file I am attaching for marking scheme, my prof is strict about the instructions and he won’t hesitate to deduct any mark.

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