Spielvogel, J. (2012). Western Civilization.

20 and 21 D
Read book “Spielvogel, J. (2012). Western Civilization. Ninth Ed. (Combined Volume) Thomson/Wadsworth: Belmont, CA” ‘s chapter 20 and 21You will be required to identify key terms, people, and ideas from each chapter in a brief essay.(in uploaded files) Each of the terms chosen will be selected from the chapter and presented in 5 groups. You must chose, and write on, 2 prompt per group (10 total per chapter).Each prompt will need to be at least 4 sentences in length and will explain the term and its importance to the people at the time, as well as today. Please put the term in the context of the chapter. (Eg: if the term is Normandy, refer to Normandy in the frame of reference to the chapter, not events that happen in later years.) All responses will be evaluated for plagiarism from all sources, including work submitted by other students.Required for each response is:•A summary/brief explanation about the prompt and how it relates to the rest of the chapter•A quote from the textbook or other academically approved source (properly cited with author and page number) about the chosen topic•A brief note (at least one sentence) about why the prompt should be studied today. All responses will be evaluated for proper English language usage and grammatical/spelling/writing errors will result in point deduction. All of the citation can from the textbook which needed read “Spielvogel …..”

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