This project involves creating a reference list pertaining to motorsports, which will include 6 different sources.

Each source must have a complete and correct APA style citation followed by three or four sentences summarizing the information incorporating the CRAAP Test

Two sources must be journal articles, two sources can be from the web, and two sources must be from books.

Your ISU library has created a list to help you on your way:

APA Reference Project – A “Sample”

For this project, I tried to find information on motorsports relating to reaction times. Here are my six sources.

Post, R. C. (2001). High Performance: The Culture and Technology of Drag Racing, 1950-2000. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.
Yates, R. F. (1954). Sport and Racing Cars. New York: Harper and Brothers.

Slavik, M., Flannagan, M., Sato, T., Traube, E. C., & Aoki, M. (1993). Reaction Times to Neon, LED, and Fast Incandescent Brake Lamps . Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.
Peters, Randell and Hayden, Michael. (2015). “Analysis of NHRA Bracket Racing Reaction Times,” International Journal of Motorsport Management: Vol. 4, Article 1. Available at:

Web Only
Nicholson, J. (2001). Bracket Racing Tips. Retrieved August 27, 2015, from Brackets: Drag Racing Online:
In this section, I should be writing a few sentences about the article and including information from the CRAAP Test Power Point listed at the Blackboard site for the AET 330 course. This section should be indented so it is easy to keep it separate from the reference. If you need help in finding sources, please make sure you read the information posted at the website for this exercise and visit Please follow this format for each of the six references. Your references do not have to be “connected” to one specific topic, but all need to have something to do with motorsports.
Oberauer, K. (n.d.). Delay Box 101. Retrieved February 24, 2015, from Just Drag Racing:

Note that I did not write something about each reference. You should be writing at least three sentences about each one and including your results from applying the CRAAP Test.

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