Stop the Growth of Children

Stop the Growth of Children
Select an ethical theory, isolate a central ethical issue in the case emphasizing children, say what the theory would say about the case, and then offer your own reasoned and ethical point of view on the issue.
The paper must concentrate on children. And we will not accept the legal definition of a child as someone under 18. In fact you should address the question of what is a child in your paper in terms of autonomy. Focus on the people who cannot speak for themselves.
And please do not offer me brain growth as a substitute for discussing autonomy.
I want you to include the following sections in the paper. Use these items as section titles.
1. Open by giving me a map. Tell me where this paper is going and how we will get there.
2. Current Policy on your issue. The policy could be California’s, USA’s, or an informal policy at a business, a private or public social services organization, or an NGO.
3. Relevant psychological, sociological, and biological facts for your issue.
4. Look at the issue from the point of view of two contrasting ethical theories. Our ethical theories are: AU, RU, SCT, PF, Kant, Aristotle’s Natural Law, Confucianism, Taoism. Use the material I have given you as your source for ethical theories.
Please include Aristotle’s natural law ethics as one of the two ethical theories in this issue.
5. Explain what you think a child is using Feinberg’s two notions of autonomy, his notion of self-fulfillment, rights in trust, and parens patriae.
6. Explain your own major ethical values and how these play in your own selected issue.
7. Write a policy statement in light of the previous considerations.

I uploaded a short paper of the topic that I want to write about. I want exactly the same topic and same content but include all the 7 points I have written and revise the paper.

I want the first draft to be at least 12 pages and I want it after 3 days. Then, I will upload comments on it to be revised.

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