Strategyy Management- Nestle (compare with Dutch Lady)

Strategyy Management- Nestle (compare with Dutch Lady)

Paper details:

Structure- 1)Cover 2) Index 3)Page 1- Title/ short paragraph of introduction organization and the purpose of the work. Identify a strategic challenge and briefly explain
4) Mission/vision/Objective statements
– either provide new statements or existing statements(citing ref. )
– use criteria discussion in class (Johnson, 2014 How the statement guide or support the strategy of Nestle
5) Environmental Analysis
– Macro trend analysis – choose PESTEL (key drivers of change based on the level of impact and uncertainty) (Short explanation of 2 selected key drivers of change)
-industy issue (choose 1- 5 forces/blue oceans)
-each analysis should result in the identifying opportunities and threats for Nestle

6) Capability analysis
-identify strategic capabilities (choose 1 framework- valye chain or capabilities that links to the success factors in the industry)
-Apply VRIO criteria to any major capabilities
-Discuss the competitive implication of the above analysis, provide summary of strengths and weakness

7)propose strategy
– Using SWOT from previous analysis.
Combine the SW with OT using TOWS matrix. for each quadrants of the matrix, list the strategic options the organization would have.
– these options will either be business level strategies or corp-level strategies.
-Select 1and explain why this is preferred for the org.
-if select business level strategies- give examples of strategy elements and organizational requirements using value chain framework to support arguments. (porters’ generic strategies)
if select corp strategy, build argument based on porter’s ‘ better-off’ test.

-Link back the proposed strategy to the initial purpose statement. Are these aligned with the mission/vision/objectives and why?

8)strategy evaluation
– conclude by providing SAP evaluation of the proposed strategy
-discuss suitability by answering- how do the proposed strategies exploit opportunites in the environment and avoid the threats? how the proposed strategies capitalize the org. strengths and avoid, weakness?
-dicuss feasibility by answering: do the resources and competences current exist to implement the strategy effectively?

– include part 1 and 2. identify appendixes with heading and mention this in the report.
** use of academic ref. no need to explain theories and models. Harvard ref method.

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