There are three segments to this Discussion question.
1.First, find and review literature which considers the issues of organizational or project “planned change.” If you find a particularly relevant piece of literature, please share it with the class. The “Organization Development” literature is a good place to start your search.
2.The task is to highlight and discuss the key elements which must go into an IT “change plan” for it to have the best chance for success…regardless of what is being changed.
3.Also, please discuss the relative benefits and/or hazards of simply ordering change from on high.
In some way, these initiatives were put in place as changes to the status quo. In organizations, there are a number of ways to drive change. You can simply order it done. You can also provide education as to the necessity of change. As well, IT managers can work with employees to help them accept change as their own. In addition, the IT manager can work behind the scenes to politically “grease” change processes and outcomes.

Importantly, change whether infrastructure, people, or projects seems to occur best when the change process is well thought out and carefully planned for. In this light, please consider what you learned about STS ( Socio-Technical Systems) in Module 1.

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