study on employee training and development

study on employee training and development

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Each answer should be a minimum of three sentences in length. The answers should be in complete sentence form. They should reference the material in the readings and case and not exclusively your personal opinions. Your views, ideas, and opinions are important and can be included when appropriate.

Case Study on Tires Plus (Employee Training and Development)

Please read the following case, and help me answer the questions below.

Case: Training and Development Help Rubber Hit the Road at Tires Plus

The mission at Tires Plus’s headquarters and its 500 stores in 22 states is to encourage employees to be the same at work as they are in every other area of their lives. Tires Plus sells and repairs tires and provides other car repair services. Employees at Tires Plus include managers, various levels of automobile technicians/mechanics, retail sales people, and tire maintenance technicians. Tires Plus has the philosophy, “We won’t sell you tires, we help you by them,” encouraging customers to be confident that tires and services will never be recommended unless they are needed. This straightforward, honest approach is the basis of Tires Plus’s success and helped make it part of the largest tires retailing group in the country. At Tires Plus, customer satisfaction is simply not good enough: rather, guest enthusiasm must be the goal. Tires Plus believes a customer who leaves satisfied will come back, but a guest who leaves enthused may tell everyone they know. Therefore, Tires Plus not only demands guests be treated courteously but also guarantees the lowest price on every tire it sells. One of the company’s most important goals is to promote employees’ growth and loyalty and fairness as social and economic concepts.

1. What organizational strategy does Tires Plus appear to focus on?
2. What type of training structure would you recommend for Tires Plus? Why?
3. How can a strong training program provide an advantage to Tires Plus over their competitors, from a customer and employee perspective?

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