Teacher as Researcher

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1.Q How is educational research related to classroom assessments which are sometimes teacher made, publisher made, and standardized. Of these three types which assessments have the most validity and reliability? Explain why your believe one to be more valid and reliable than the others.

2. Q. To what extent do teachers use descriptive data on children achievement, disabilities, and other cumulative file data while pre-planning the total curriculum in short and long range plans. Please address the underlined concepts for a complete response.

2. Q. If student authenticity and vulnerability is important to us, then how would you propose to collect student information at the beginning of a class or new thematic unit of instruction? Choose a grade level of your choice for your DB response. Please define your meaning of authenticity and vulnerability within the context of your essay.

3. Q. Describe the importance of curriculum alignment (objectives aligned to learning activities aligned to assessments) to the results of assessments on student achievement? Does the alignment of these elements improve or hinder the validity of student achievement results? Please provide one example from your own teacher made tests.

Each one is a two or three paragraph long all on the same paper.

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