Team goals

Team goals
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Think of you being in supervisory or management position and your boss ask you to submit your team goals.
I need the writer to communicate with me on this project.
Team function.
Groom Teams (Broadband Express Groom)
• Expedite high volume grooms of broadband consumer customers from BRAS devices
by minimizing handoff between teams by creating a focus team for grooms
• Target Grooms include:
• End-of-Life (EoL)
• End-of-Support (EoS)
• Redback migration to the newer Alcatel-Lucent
• Any grooms to alleviate over utilized equipment
• Any grooms to improve customer experience

Goal should reflect the following:
1.CIOS/CYAME training
3.Contractors becoming full timer
4.Cross-functional relationship
5.Team member development
6.Taking on more responsibility
8.2nd shift creation

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