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Title of Assignment: Answer Booklet and Case Study portfolio

Task 1: Answer Booklet and Case Study Portfolio

Word Limit: Multiple questions with word count provided in the answer booklet

Guidance: The task is best seen as a two stages process. Part A (the answer booklet) asks you to consider the

concept of terrorism, its perpetrators, causes and the responses to it. These themes Revolve around four

questions. Question 1 begins with the premise that Terrorism is both historical and contested. It thus requires

that you look at a number of definitions of terrorism, discuss the difficulties they have and say which you find

the most convincing. To do this you should begin with its controversies and complexities move towards what

appears to be its common features and finally make a judgement as to which definition has the greatest

explanatory power. Question 2 Questions the idea that Terrorism is simply an activity ‘from below’ (by non-

state actors). Thus it asks you to examine the possibility of terrorism from above (by the state) As with question

1 the task asks you to consider if a conceptually coherent understanding of terrorism requires us to go beyond

the common view (that terrorism is perpetrated only by non-state actors). The third question asks you consider

different explanations (social, economic, ideological, and religious) for the existence of terrorism. Again, this

invites you to consider various explanations for the existence of Terrorism and to make a judgement as to

which if any provides the most convincing account. The final question (in this first section) looks at the range of

possible responses to terrorism (military, legal, intelligence, education) and asks you gauge their effectiveness.

After examining and recommending the most academically useful of these definitions, types, explanations and

responses to terrorism, the second stage (Part B- Case study portfolio) asks you to apply these explanations for

understanding terrorism in two case studies. The first should illustrate terrorism from below and the second

terrorism from above. Your choice of case study and the way you discuss it, should be built upon the

conceptual understanding developed in the first section. Added to this, you should provide the particular

historical / political / economic /social and cultural circumstances which gave rise to the case you are

demonstrating; as well as providing an explanation of their aims, an evaluation of their methods and a

judgement on their effectiveness (in their own terms)

use all of those files materials/info as the main source and they can get some outside sources as well but the referencing and incitation shold be used correctly according to harvard system of referencing

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