The American Health Care Paradox

The American Health Care Paradox

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Book Review for The American Health Care Paradox

Assume you have been hired as a policy analyst by a lawmaker, governor, health commissioner, CEO of an insurance plan, or similar. Your boss hands you this book and asks you to write her a review of the book so she can decide whether to use the information contained inside in her decision-making process. Since your boss (like most) has limited time and a short attention span, your review should be no longer than five pages. This means your work must be clear, concise, and to-the-point, and your writing must be impeccable (no bulleting—written work is required).

Your paper should contain well-reasoned and thoughtful responses to the following issues:

Overview/executive summary of the primary theme of the book. What is the book about, and what are the authors’ fundamental arguments about the American health care system?
Why are social supports and social services important to the health care system, and which ones are the most important? How do they help manage costs?
What are the primary way(s) that the American health care system differs from other countries’ systems? Are there things that other countries do that, if we adopted them, would make our system more fair and/or more efficient?
What should be done about the information in the book? What changes in policies, procedures, budgeting, etc. should be done as a result of what you have read? What are the benefits of and barriers to doing so?

Other Instructions:

You may not plagiarize in any way on this assignment. All work must be yours and yours alone. You may not use quotes from any source, whether accurately cited or not. Everything should be in your own words to reflect your own understanding of the material you have read. Plagiarism and/or use of direct quotes (whether appropriately cited or not) will result in failure on the assignment and possibly in the class.
All information that you present that is not the product of your own original thought must be appropriately cited in APA style in a reference page.

The assignment should be presented in 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins


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