The Analysis of the cognitive Process and Consumers' Reaction to Fashion Marketing Campaign

Chapter 4: Findings/Results

The aim of this part is to be able to present relevant findings before going ahead to analyse those findings and see what implications they might have for the issues, problems or ideas that prompted the research. The researcher needs to consider what significance the data might have in the context of the overall aims of the research.
• An introductory context for understanding the results by restating the research problem that underpins the purpose of your study.
• A summary of your key findings arranged in a logical sequence that generally follows your methodology section.
• Inclusion of non-textual elements, such as, figures, charts, photos, maps, tables, etc. to further illustrate the findings, if appropriate.
• In the text, a systematic description of your results, highlighting for the reader observations that are most relevant to the topic under investigation [remember that not all results that emerge from the methodology that you used to gather the data may be relevant].

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