The Army's Culture

The Army’s Culture

Each team member will use the organization they chose in Week 1.

Research the company’s culture. (My Organization / Company is the U.S. Army) I served 24 years.

Provide an 825-word summary of the following and be prepared to share this information with your learning team regarding your organization:
•Summarize your review and research.
•Display the characteristics displayed by your company’s abilities as a learning organization.
•Explain how your company’s culture and learning organizational abilities may support or detract from a change initiative.
Identify the type of organizational structure utilized by your company. Discuss how the structure may impact a change initiative either positively or negatively.
•Include a one-page summary or an equivalent for the company about how the company’s characteristics may positively or negatively impact a change initiative. Note: You will be building upon your presentation throughout the class.
•Include at least four peer reviewed references.
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines
Ensure that the writer put it in bullet format so that I can put it on PowerPoint.

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