The Digestive System

The Digestive System
If you are using reference use the most current information.

Imagine yourself eating a ham and cheese sandwich. What steps take place with regard to digesting the sandwich?

In this discussion, present your own unique example of an item(s) of consumption, and the steps that take place in the digesting phase. Remember class, before posting your example, read, if needed, the posts of your classmates to make sure it is not repeated. In other words, only one student, not two or more students, would use the “ham and cheese sandwich.”

Do not use the below for consumption example:
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich
BBQ Brisket Plate
Turkey Bacon Club
PJ Sandwich
In your example and steps in the digestion phase, include in your initial post, the items listed below.
a) Make sure you can distinguish between mechanical and chemical digestion.
b) What role does HCL play with regard to protein digestion and bacteria?
c) What are the roles of the small and large intestines?

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