The International Context

The International Context

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FORUM QUESTION: After reading Krasner’s & Pascual’s “The Danger of Failed States,” explain the requirement for peace operations – whether peace-enforcement or peace-keeping – in addressing this increasing issue in the global community.
In your response be sure to provide a brief review of the article as well as the definition of core terms.

WEEK 1: The International Context
Reading & Resources
The following readings are assigned for Week 1:
Krasner & Pascual: “The Danger of FailedStates”

Diehl, pages 1 – 32

Durch, Chapter 1

International Peace Institute. Mainstreaming Crime Control in Peace Operations and Development. (1-Feb-2011)
NOTE: Overview: The purpose of theory is to offer an understanding of a complex world and the various interactions that take place within this environment. It is a theory that allows us to think systematically. Fitting events into theory and using theory to explain and predict events are what separate the study of political science from a study of current events.
Students will be able to: Critique the basic theories that explain the international system, the causes and impact of war and political violence, conflict resolution, and peace operations.

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