The Rights of every child in healthcare

Using the Clinical Reasoning cycle reflect on an episode from clinical practice to develop your paper.
The paper is to be divided into the following parts and include a short introduction and conclusion.

Part 1: Collecting Cues and information
– Identify cues/issues that presented as priorities on which you considered the nursing care for your patient.
Part 2: Process the information
– Justify why these are priorities (support with evidence).
Part 3: Identify the potential problems/ nursing issues
– Outline key nursing issues (potential problems or risks)
Part 4: Establish goals, take action and evaluate outcomes
– For each nursing issue, identify goals, and outline nursing interventions you implemented and how you evaluated the outcomes.
Part 5: Reflection
– Reflect on your care in this episode of practice and discuss
any challenges that emerged and outline how you will address this for your future practice.

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