the risks and effects of chronic illnesses on families

the risks and effects of chronic illnesses on families
Project for HDFS 4423 (100 points)

Overview: Each student will complete a project involving selecting an areas of family stress/risk and integrating key scholarship on the topic with the Family Resilience Model which includes, risk, protection, vulnerabilities, adaptation, situational meanings, family adaptive systems and ecosystems.
1. Identify the family risk topic and resources for your project (described below).
a. Choose a specific family risk topic of interest to you.
b. Identify the resources you will use.
i. Select five current (last 7 years) refereed journal articles or professional book chapters from edited books that provide depth of knowledge about one family risk/stress topic and/or potential proactive processes to reduce the family risk/stress.
ii. Select current one professional websites that are useful to practioners who engage in prevention/intervention related to one family stress/risk topic (see the Basic Course Materials section of D2L for guidelines for selecting websites).
2. Write the project by integrating information from the five refereed journal articles (in the past 7 years) and one professional website into the Family Resilience Model (include each component of the model). As a whole, your project will demonstrate your ability to integrate the model with existing research on the topic and information from professional practice (from a professional website). Please see the rubric on D2L that will be used to grade the project (click rubrics in the top left side of the screen) to assure you have included all components.

The Project is due not later than Friday @ 11:59 pm (Week 3), students will post in the Dropbox a 12 page project that addresses the topics in #2 above to demonstrate the ability to integrate the model with research on the topic and make recommendations for professional practice. Be sure the title page, abstract, and references are included in APA style (in APA style the title page is one page, the abstract another page, and the references start on a new page, so the paper text will be about nine pages double spaced). A sample is provided for the overview, and an outline of elements to include in the final project is provided.
• The project is to be in APA format (title page, abstract, body of the project with APA format citations and headings, and references).
• The project will be a minimum of 12 pages, with nine pages in the body of the project.

This will be a 9-page paper with a 1 page abstract. Cover page and reference page
12 pages total

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