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please cite and reference exactly what you have used in the paper only and provide links for the articles used to make it easy for me to track the sources so I will do presentation on this topic.
please provide images of the anatomy and explanation..
please provide images for all techniques and sequences for MRI of prostate cancer
please explain each figure and refer for it in the text.
citation and references for each points have to be take into account.
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structure suggested.
Table content
Table for figure used in paper
1.1. Background
1.2. Aims and Research Objectives
– Make sure that you address you aim as progress through – to assess the role of MRI…
– Some more images would be useful to demonstrate how useful it is and what signs to look for (in keeping with the aim).

– Some discussion on MR/PET would be useful as is cutting edge – systems so far…
2.0. Method
3.0. Epidemiology
4.0 Anatomy of prostate with images
5.0 Pathophysiology: the etiological mechanisms for prostate cancer
5.1 Genetics: how it inherited
5.2 Clinical Presentations: how it diagnosis
6.0. Assessment and Diagnosis in the Clinical Setting
7.0. other Imaging Modalities that could be used for Diagnosis of prostate cancer
– Computed tomography with images
-PET/ MRI with images
-UltraSound with images
-PET/ CT with images
8.0. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and prostate cancer
8.1. Strengths of MRI.
8.2. Weaknesses of MRI.
9.0 mp MRI Imaging with images
9.1. Diffusion (DwI) with images
9.2.Dynamic contrast enhanced imaging with images
9.3. MR Spectroscopywith images
10.0. Recommended uses of MRI for prostate cancer
11.0. Future assessment. Looking for some paper where MRI shows response to treatment


Make sure you have add any new information you should mention them first in your aims and objectives

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