For your assignment this session the organization you will be reviewing is Dish. You will be considering how this organization competes within a very competitive industry.

After reviewing the book section, presentation materials, and additional readings, consider the organization’s mission/vision/values and key stakeholders and discuss the organization’s position and niche in the competitive environment.

Make sure you present the company’s mission, vision, and/or values (whatever the company makes available to the public along these lines), and discuss the company’s most important primary stakeholders. Indicate whether you believe the company’s mission, vision, and/or value statements are in alignment with stakeholder needs. That is, does the organization treat key stakeholders in a fashion that is in alignment with its posted mission/vision/values?

Also, is the organization’s mission/vision/values in alignment with the volatile environment in which it competes?

Here is an e-text we will be using throughout the session that provides a good overview of the strategic management cycle. Please read the pages specified:

Subba, R. (2009). Strategic Management [Including Skill Development]. Himalaya Publishing House. Retrieved as e-book from Trident University’s online library. Pp. 20-51

Here are a few articles that provide more of an overview of strategic management:

Nag, R., Hambrick, D. C., & Chen, M. (2007). What is strategic management, really? Inductive derivation of a consensus definition of the field. Strategic Management Journal, 28(9), 935-955. Retrieved from Trident University Library.

Harrington, R. J., & Ottenbacher, M. C. (2011). Strategic management. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 23(4), 439-462. Retrieved from Trident University Library.

Here are a couple presentations that also provide an overview of strategic management:

Pearson Custom (2014), Strategic Management Process and Organizational Strategies. Retrieved from:

Pearson Custom (2014), Strategic Management and Planning Techniques. Retrieved from:

Please open the Trident University IBIS World document and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the “Click Here” hyperlink at the bottom of the page. This will take you to IBIS World, an organization well known for conducting industry level research. Run a search on “Cable” in the search window. You will then see a list of links that will lead you to detailed industry specific report. Please click on Cable Providers in the U.S.

Also take some time to look at what’s going on in related industries.

Here are some readings related to the competitive environment surrounding the cable industry. Although many folks consider large cable companies to have a near monopoly position in the marketplace, the services provided by organizations such as Netflix, Dish, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others are causing a lot of individuals to ‘cut the cord’ due to the high prices the cable companies charge for their services.

Gallaga, O. L. (2014, Jun 15). Rethink costs before cutting cable cord. The Atlanta Journal – Constitution Retrieved from Trident University Library.

Mann, E. (2014, Apr 08). Students cutting the cord to cable. University Wire Retrieved from Trident University Library.

Platt, G. (2014). Cable television industry consolidates. Global Finance, 28(3), 63. Retrieved from Trident University Library.

Schredder, S. (2014, Apr 29). Netflix goes cable. Benzinga Newswires Retrieved from Trident University Library.

Making friends; Netflix. (2013, Sep 14). The Economist, 408, 71. Retrieved from Trident University Library.

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