The Wife's Role in Marriage: Biblical Perspective vs. Modern Perspective

The Wife’s Role in Marriage: Biblical Perspective vs. Modern Perspective

Paper details:

You will write a research paper on a major topic within women’s issues, approved by your instructor. The topic must be related to one of the following units: life transitions, life enrichment, life problems, marital life, or family life. Your paper will include a minimum of 10 cited sources and follow APA guidelines. Your Research Paper Topic is to be submitted through Blackboard in Module/Week 3. This assignment is worth 150 points towards your final grade and must be submitted in Module/Week 7. Carefully review the assignment requirements listed below:

• Paper must address a topic that is applicable to the counseling of women.
• Topic must be approved by your instructor by Module/Week 3.
• Personal testimonies are not an acceptable topic. This paper must address a topic or issue that can be researched.
• Title page, abstract, and reference page are required, all adhering to APA format.
• Paper must be written in current APA format.
• Paper must be 8–10 pages in length. This page count does not include title page, abstract page and reference page.
• Paper should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font.
• Paper should be written in 3rd person.
• Paper must have a minimum of 10 professional references. These references may come from peer-reviewed journal articles or books written on your topic.
• References should be properly cited in the body of the paper as well as on the reference page using current APA format.
• Refer to the Research Paper Grading Rubric for additional detailed requirements.

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