Topic: Assessment of Collaboration Skills

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This course contains a Major Assessment (MA) to assess your understanding of, participation in, and ability to foster collaboration among you and your colleagues. The MA will address Walden’s Critical Element #5:

Collaboration: The candidate demonstrates collaborative skills that integrate multiple perspectives in order to create ongoing support for the learning environment.

The work developed for this MA can be added to any employment portfolio you develop as evidence of the collaborative nature of your work as an educational leader.

The reflection and supporting artifacts will allow you the opportunity to identify, document, and reflect upon your experiences with collaboration in this series of professional development courses. The collaborations can be as a result of a course requirement, something you initiated to gather information, specific work on a project, or an activity completed as all or part of a task.

To Prepare:
You might read the following optional resources to help supplement what you have read in these courses so that you have a understanding of collaboration and the collaborative process:

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth. (2010). Key elements of collaboration [Fact sheet]. Retrieved from

Lunsford, A. (2001, May). Collaboration as theory and practice. Paper presented at the Seminar on People, Computers, and Design, Stanford University. Abstract retrieved from
Directions for developing your reflection and identifying artifacts:
Develop a five-section paper that follows this format for each of the sections. Each section will be related to one of the collaborative experiences you had in these courses.

Context and Description of the Collaboration

Identify a minimum of five collaborations from this series of four professional development courses. For each, the description should include: the course number (7740, 7741, 7742, or 7743) and title, where in the course the collaboration took place, the purpose for the collaboration, and who was involved.

Rationale/Connection to Walden Program Standards, Program Outcomes, and Learning Forward Standards

This short narrative should answer the following questions:
How does the collaboration align with/support Walden standards and Learning Forward standards?
How did the collaboration support your personal learning and success?
Were there aspects of the collaboration that were challenging?
What did you learn from this collaboration that will help you as a leader in your organization?

Evidence of the Collaboration

Provide primary source documents or artifacts that illustrate this collaboration. This could include a series of emails, a paper submitted as a group, meeting notes, and agendas, etc. These will vary based upon the collaboration you identify. You may provide multiple examples, if needed, for collaborations that spanned time.
Be sure to carefully review the Major Assessment 7 Rubric.

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