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Assignment 3

Due Jul 16 by 11:59pm Points 5 Submitting a file upload (Turnitin enabled) Available Jun 29 at 6am – Jul 16 at 11:59pm 18 days

Like assignments 1 and 2, for assignment 3 you can work individually or in teams of up to 3 students. If you work with other student(s), all group members should contribute to this assignment. Each student should submit the final document and include the names of who contributed to the assignment. I encourage you to use some of the features in this course to collaborate (such as “collaborations”, “conferences”, “chat”, etc), or check out group work online avenues such as “Dropbox” or “Google Docs” that allow you to share documents and work as a group from different locations.

Assignment 3 Background: In the aftermath of such tragedies as the Boston Marathon Bombings, Pulse Nightclub shooting, and Paris attacks, citizens are faced with the realities that emergency management practices are very much needed and should be revisited regularly. Emergency management is an essential role of government and nonprofit organizations, and deals with risk and risk avoidance. Consider the following case:

You are a part of a large, nonprofit organization that will host the first ever Orlando Marathon. There have been countless 5k, half marathon, and marathon runs in the past, most of which have been very successful for the city. The event will be managed by your organization, and collaboration between the City of Orlando, Orange County, and Seminole County. The proceeds will go to your organization’s mission of revitalizing the downtown community. Your organization has worked with other city agencies, such as the Department of Transportation, the Office of Emergency Management, the Fire Department, and the Police on forming a task force to prepare for the event, scheduled for November of 2016. The task force has estimated the runners to exceed 20,000, and the spectators for the event to reach 150,000. The race has been planned to begin at Baldwin Park, weave through the Winter Park area and into downtown, circle the Lake Eola area, and end at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. The race will commence in 15-minute waves to circumvent crowd problems, beginning at 6am through 10am. 50 stations for spectators have been planned throughout the city along the 26-mile run. Planning for the event began 3 years ago, prior to the Boston Marathon Shootings. They are now faced with the new realities of higher risk because of the Boston event.

Orlando’s Risk Management department is responsible for protecting the City of Orlando from liability due to accidents, natural disasters, and occupational injury and disease. Address the following questions in a risk memo in no more than 2 pages (single spaced). Also assume that you have an emergency management representative working with your organization.

Consider the responsibilities of risk management programs. What steps should be taken to prepare for the event in compliance with the responsibilities of risk management programs and in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon events. Assume that terrorism threats on this event would be extremely heightened.
What are all of the risks that you need to consider?
In what ways would you approach each of these risks? (Think about elimination, reduction, assumption, transfer, etc). Explain your rationale.

Make sure that you view the rubric for this assignment.
Assignment 3 Rubric (1)
Assignment 3 Rubric (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
Risk Management Steps applied to the case
1.0 pts
Risks you should consider
1.0 pts
How to approach risks
3.0 pts
Total Points: 5.0

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