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The project management assignment
PS: focus on WRITE A WELL planning phases not focus on initiation!!! Aline project objective with strategy objective, (why you plan to do this project :ie contribution)
The project management body of knowledge (PMBOK: initiate; plan; execute; control; close)) is a methodology that can used to mange a project. It consists of a large number of process areas that are organized into nine knowledge areas (9 knowledge areas: project integration management; project scope management, project HR management, project cost management, project quality management, project communication management, project procurement management, project risk management)
Considering the following characteristic of a project, prepare a project plan that illustrate you understanding of how the various components of PMBOK (covered in class / lectures) can apply to a project.
Project requirement as following:
• projectized organization
• Budget US$10,000,000
• Duration 3 years (GANTT chart should be count in month)
• Objective to develop a new branch of a software company (currently develops Android and IPhone accounting software, standalone business software and distribute via wholesale channels only)
• The new branch should focus on New products development for new sale channels which should be in RETAIL.
• The geographic location for sales of the new branch retail sale should be Australia ONLY.
• There are hostile stakeholders (ex: Fierce competitors)
This essay should be base on business report format; follow with these elements must be including in your business report.
1. Title page
2.Executive summary (no more than one page)
Project summary (what’s was this all about)
impacted project may have ( we are not waste our money, actually we do these benefit)

3. Project charter and WBS (work break down structure) scope (scope planning, scope definition, scope verification, scope change control), requirements.

4. Stakeholder map (customers, influencers(support),project management office PMO +PLUS THE CHART LIST DOWNBLEOW)

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