Topic: Case Formulation & Two Questions (Total of just three questions)

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1. Read the Case of Ian on page 108 of your Getzfeld text. Develop a brief case formulation for this case including the following topics below. Use topic headings.
a. The Presenting Problem
b. Diagnosis (use DSM 5 ) Assessment and symptoms
c. Possible Causes and Treatment of the case
2. What is Shared Psychosis? Can you find an example and comment on this strange disorder?
3. Watch the videos on the Childhood Schizophrenia (case of Jani) and post your comments and reflections.

Required Text(s) – Draw information from the following texts

Psychopathology – Research, Assessment and Treatment in Clinical Psychology, 2nd ed.

Graham Davey, Wiley Publ. (BPS Blackwell) ISBN 978-0-205-98793-1
Abnormal Psychology Casebook – A new Perspective, Andrew R.

Getzfeld; Pearson Prentice Hall 1st.; ISBN 0-13-093787-8
Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, American Psychiatric Assoc 5th ed


Instructions –

The answer to these three questions should exhibit originality, thoughtfulness, insight, and critical thinking. PROVIDE IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS. DO NOT QUOTE CITATIONS AS THE MAJORITY OF THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS. The answer to these questions should also demonstrate the following: • evidence of deep, analytical thinking about the assigned topic • points articulated in a clear, straightforward, and understandable way • a logical, compelling, and convincing argument, proposition or demonstration of the assigned topic use of a good academic writing style including proper spelling and no grammar issues.
The QUESTIONS SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE ANSWER. In other words, type #1 and simply answer the question. DON’T ADD UNNECESSARY SPACES TO MARK IT APPEAR LONGER. Again, It is unnecessary to type the question out or restate the question in your answer. No fluff.

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