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Group Paper

Please do a research from A&M library or to write a paper about “What are the marketing strategies of Alibaba?” (a successful big international company). The group paper (Word paper) is due on July 7, 2016. Please see the detailed group paper rubric 1&2 about how to write a nice paper about marketing strategy in the next page.

This is a group project. Paper (as a Word attachment) is to be submitted directly to the DROPBOX under week 5. Each group needs only ONE submission. Multiple submissions from different group members would lead to high turnitin percentage. Late projects will not be acceptable. The minimum page should not less than 26 pages but the maximum pages for the paper should be no more than 30 pages (everything is included), using Times New Roman, 12 point font, APA, and Double-space. In addition, you should cite at least 10 credible sources in the paper (no more than 3 websites may be used). You will need to include a title page with your name, table of contents, page number, a reference list, and an appendix (if necessary). You are required to use APA format for the entire paper.

Each group consists of 1-5 members. Please select and form your own group members at your earliest convenience and start your project ASAP. Thanks.

Each group has ONE opportunity to ask my feedback on your project draft. However, please double-check your grammar and English writing before you send your project to me and ask my feedback.

1) No project will be accepted for grading if the percentage is greater than 30%. For a grade “A” project, its turnitin must be less than 20%.

2) Please do not submit your individual sections to Dropbox of eCollege to check your turnitin. Once you submit your individual sections to check, your individual sections will go to the record of turnitin and then you will receive a very high turnitin for integrated whole paper. If any student submits his/her individual sections to Dropbox to check and receives a high turnitin, he/she and his/her group will receive a ZERO grade for his/her group paper. This policy goes for everyone and every group.
Paper Rubric 1 – Please note: grading is on the whole paper, not on the individual sections
Marketing Strategy Elements
Points Possible

Points Earned
Marketing Strategy Format Guidelines
Arial Font 12, Double-Spaced, 1” margins all over the paper. Follow APA throughout the paper which includes citations and references. Properly validate the information discussed in the paper.
Table of contents: organized, pages numbered, accurate.
5 Points

Language Arts Skills
Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence
Structure. Follow proper transitions.
Please note: Major errors in structure, sentences, spelling, grammar, paragraph transactions or APA formatting will receive 0-5 points.

15 points

Executive Summary
Company overview
Market opportunity overview

15 Points
Situation Analysis
Industry sector description
SWOT Analysis
Target Market Analysis
Demographic characteristics of market
Psychographic characteristics of market
Behaviors of target market
Strategies appealing to market

30 Points
Marketing Mix
Product Strategy (Product Mix)
Pricing strategy
Promotion & advertising plan
Place/distribution strategy
Competitive Analysis
4Ps’ comparisons with competitors
Strengths’ comparisons with competitors
Weaknesses’ comparison with competitors
Organization’s competitive advantage

40 Points
Recommendations/ Growth Plan
Strategies for product development
Strategies for market development
Main findings of the marketing plan
15 Points

Total Points

100 Points

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