Topic: Current discourses in Saudi Arabia

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need a work that answers this question: What are the current discourses (different debates) in Saudi Arabia about the following three points:
– climate change
– water management and flood
– cultural / educational limitations to sustainable development

The current discourses within the different levels? e.g. at the government level, public level, academic level, engineering level and so on.

you can divide the document to three parts.

No need for an introduction or conclusion, just go directly for discussion.

Could you send me all references you will have used as attached files to download them, please? Recent references, please

Also please, be honest in your work in terms of using references. Sorry for this message, but I had to say that due to some other writers in this website put some references which are not actually used within the work, so they put me in trouble situation with my supervisor. I do not want to waste my time in checking the work word by word and looking up the real references being used.

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