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Argue a specific position on a topic you have chosen.
The topic I have chosen is “Hurricane Katrina and its effects”. I am leaving it up to you as to what position you argue. The main objective is how well you present your evidence, using primary (short article attached) and secondary (from Moorpark data base) sources, to persuade your audience that your position is credible and desirable.

You can argue any position you want on the subject. I am leaving it up to you so you can pick a position with the most research sources supporting it.
Some examples of positions I came up with:
Whether the Federal government did everything they can to help,
whether they responded on time.
did they repair all the damage? why or why not? was it worth it ?
Any alternative solutions could have helped….

Those are all just ideas for example through which you can use the Rhetoric methods to present your evidence.
Please Message me when you decide on a subject (you dont need my approval, I just would like to know in advance )

The main idea, just like the previous paper, is to show the use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

In Rhetoric, ethos, pathos, and logos (rhetorical appeals) are important elements in shaping an effective argument. You will need to give considerable thought to how you use these appeals — as you would in any argument.

You will need to include at least THREE reliable secondary sources and the article (pages 82 – 86) “August 29, 2005 / Hurricane Katrina” from the book “Citizen – an american lyric” as a primary source. These sources need to be from the Moorpark College Database. Even though the article is the primary source, but the majority of the info and research doesnt need to be from the article. We just had to pick a subject that was mentioned in the book. I know the article does not give much information! (attached: the article, and the cover front and back of the book)

What do the various pieces of evidence you have gathered tell us about your position? Why should we care about your position ?

– Essay must be at least 6 double-spaced pages (1800 words or more) with MLA documentation.
– Must include a Works Cited page at the end of the essay, which DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE MINIMUM PAGES REQUIRED.
When you quote key phrases or clauses from your written text(s), you must provide parenthetical documentation. See Purdue Online Writing Lab for clarification on MLA formatting.
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: I know the paper urgency is 10 days, but I will need a rough draft to show on MONDAY 8 AM PST, JULY 18th.
the rough draft does not need to be complete or final. an outline of main ideas would be sufficient.
Or you can just send me what you have completed up till that day. organization is not necessary.

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