Topic: explaining violence

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explain domestic violence.
Your essay must address these key areas:

1. Definition

You will need to demonstrate your understanding of the topic at hand. In some cases, definitions of particular forms of violence are relatively straightforward. For other forms of violence, such as domestic violence, there are more than 200 definitions in law and academia. If there is debate about the definition this needs to be drawn together into a coherent argument.

2. Prevalence

You will also need to consider the prevalence of your chosen form of violence. Is there anything specific about the perpetrators/victims? Is it a universal phenomenon? Is it a current issue or one from the past? Does it happen frequently, like fighting on a Friday night? Or infrequently, like genocide? Why is this the case? Engage with theoretical explanations of violence here. A good starting place is chapter two in Alverez and Bachman (2014). Using statistics could help to support your argument here. Try to avoid descriptive writing within all sections.

3. Causes/Explanations

What are the academic arguments and debates around the causes of violence? Is there an academically understood reason for terrorism to occur? Is there debate concerning the reasons for spousal violence? Why do hooligans fight at football matches? Does your chosen form of violence have a wider purpose, like in war? Or might it be conceived of as an end in itself? Are there theoretical explanations of the causes of violence? Look through the academic literature and present the most plausible arguments for your chosen form of violence.

4. Prevention

If violence is an enduring problem, as Alverez and Bachman (2014) suggest, what are the best ways of preventing it? Always, within each section, maintain a link to your chosen form of violence. Is a cure for violence possible? Or is it inextricably linked to the human experience? Does gun legislation reduce gun-based violence? Do different forms of police intervention reduce domestic abuse?

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