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In a well-developed essay, IDENTIFY the message that you see Shelley sending to her audience AND EXAMINE areas in Shelley’s story that fall short of relaying that message to the reader. In other words, what could Shelley have included, that would strengthen her message?

This is not an easy task, but it is manageable. As you begin to complete the assignment:

• First, identify the overall message that you see Shelley sending to her readers. As you know from the film that you viewed last week, there appear to be a number of messages, but just focus on one. In other words, what do you see as Shelley’s purpose for writing the novel?
• For an essay assignment of this length, you need to narrow your scope. Choose three or four areas where you think Shelley’s message could have been strengthened and explain how she could have strengthened it and why she needed to do so.
• As you provide your examination of the text, keep linking back to the message that you see Shelley sending.

Here are some questions to get you started:

• What is the message you see Shelley sending?
• How would you change Shelley’s novel?
• What is missing—about an event or a character—that would strengthen her story?
• What is included in the story that takes Shelley away from adequately presenting her message?

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