Topic: Investigating anxiety in L2 speaking context: A focus on students perceptions in Oman

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Rationale for the study: (why you think the study needs to be done)
Since English language is the medium of instruction in higher education in Oman. The language spoken in class is English. Therefore, it is important for students become not only competent speakers of English but also confident. There is an understanding that one of the issues hindering students’ development in speaking is the issue of anxiety. This is evident by students silence, their reluctant to answer in class and the fear of public speaking mainly in classroom presentations.

This study intends to investigate the reasons behind Omani students speaking anxiety in relation to second language theories.
Questions the study aims to address:
1. Do speaking practices in class makes students anxious?
2. Which speaking exercises do student find themselves more confident practicing?
3. What teaching practices have an effect on students speaking anxiety?

Research Methodology: (how you intend to get and analyse data)

A mixed method

1. Semi-structured interviews.

A number of two Teachers in Oman teaching at the foundation level as EFL/ESL

Omani students studying EFL/ESL at the foundation level

2. Questionnaire:
Omani Students will be requested to complete an online based questionnaire.
Sample references:

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