Topic: Is there a reliable way of deciding how worried we ought to be about crime?

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use enough sources and references from a mixture of books and the internet which is what my tutor has specified. . 1: For the first part of the essay, you need to use statistics, which you can get from the BRITISH CRIME SURVEY FOR ENGLAND AND WALES..which is now called THE CRIME SURVEY FOR ENGLAND AND WALES. You can also find the statistics in the book SOCIOLOGY by GIDDENS 7TH EDITION on page 939 where you will find latest statistics. 2: Use KEY terminology phrases throughout the essay, words such as MASS MEDIA, STATISTICS, CRIME, DEVIANCE. 3: For the second part of the essay, you need to write about the MEDIA and how it differs from the statistics.. for example, we all know that the media over exaggerate when they talk about a crime or when reporting a crime to the newspaper; So you need to search any sociology book preferably GIDDENS and HARALAMBOS & HOLBORN latest editions if possible and not too old, and use online sources (please reference if using internet) to find information about what the media says; in relation to the essay topic. Please use around 7/8 references/sources and enough statistics for me to pass my essay. Please reference in HARVARD STYLE and also I have noticed on a previous paper that a lot of the references were used from books that are based and published in the US. I am in the UK and I need books that my tutor will recognise.. the books and sources being used need to be widely available so that I can access them in the UK if I needed to. The essay needs to be written in English(UK). The paper topic question needs to be answered using STATISTICS and MEDIA.

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