Topic: Natura: Exporting Brazilian Beauty

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Just make sure then that all questions are properly solved. Full points for each case will be given only to students that answer all questions properly: Your answers need to include a strong analysis of information provided in each case study, the readings that I assigned to read plus your own research, use evidence to support your propositions – hard data such as financial and market information, decisions, actions, or declarations of main players, quotations of relevant analysts, and more. Incorporate concepts and theoretical propositions contained in the weekly readings to support your analysis. Do not be too long or too brief. Make sure your quotes and references are presented properly. Your presentation is clean and writing clear.

Solve the Natura Cosmetics case-study questions using the readings and other materials. Please support your answers with conceptual (theory-based) ideas from readings and explicit factual evidence from the case at hand. You can choose either to answer each question at a time or create a narrative with a story line to answer questions as desired.

Business Case – Natura: Exporting Brazilian Beauty, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business IB-92, 2010 (course package).

Study Questions:
• Is Natura a good business financially speaking? Analyze Natura business performance using the Stanford case plus 10-K / Annual reports to build an informed opinion
• What business strategy has allowed Natura to expand far beyond its national borders? (Offer specific data about the international expansion of Natura).
• Combine the Stanford case with the website information on the commercial model to figure out the great repeatable business model of Natura (Zook & Allen, 2011). Use either the canvas or the mapping method to graph/explain Natura´s business model.
• Analyze Natura´s business strategy and model to identify the “affordability and sustainability -not premium pricing and abundance – formula for innovation” (Prahalad & Mashelkar, 2010)
• Based on Natura´s case example, identify what kind of strategic opportunities for growth and market development can be exploited in emerging economies using a sustainable approach to innovation. (Prahalad & Mashelkar, 2010)
• Say something about the Natura´s core competences and organizational capabilities that respond to Prahalad & Mashelkar idea of “creating or acquiring new capabilities to solve problems, which often requires alternative technology development and collaborative approaches to obtaining technical expertise.”
• Use Natura case to critically approach the role of strategic leadership in building business strategies of growth and innovation committed to higher order values? Check two web sites where Natura gets international recognition for innovative and ethical growth &

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