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Assignment Three is due by Friday 6/5 at 11:59 PM.
1) Create a 3-day diet plan for your athlete.
a. One training day
b. One competition day
c. One recovery day
d. Be sure to use your specific athlete which specifies:
i. Sport (running, gymnastics, triathlon, bodybuilding, etc…)
ii. Gender
iii. Age
iv. Height/weight
v. Recreational or Elite/Professional
2) Select the most appropriate nutrient recommendations from Assignment Two. Using these recommendations, plan a 3-day diet that meets the nutrient needs of the athlete.
a. Start by calculating the estimated energy requirements (EER) for your athlete
i. Choose either the Cunningham equation or Harris Benedict equation
ii. Don’t forget to calculate physical activity factor
b. Next, distribute calories throughout each of the three days (when the athlete should eat), then specify foods and quantity in detail to meet calorie needs for each day.
i. Be mindful of eating patterns for each day, competition day likely looks different than a recovery day. Total calories per day do not have be exact, approximations are ok.
ii. Be specific with foods. For example: “eat eggs, toast, and milk” should be “two slices of whole wheat toast with one teaspoon of peanut butter along with two scrambled whole eggs with ½ teaspoon of salt with 2 cups of skim milk”
iii. You can use the Exchange system in your meal plan if you choose, but still need to identify specific foods
iv. Using an Excel spreadsheet or table will help to keep the meal plans organized.
c. Attempt to cover all of the nutrient recommendations for the athlete with foods whenever possible. Add supplements when needed to meet recommendations.
3) Identify the foods and/or supplements you’ve included that meet the specific nutrients you targeted in Assignment #2.
a. The goal of this assignment is for you to plan a meal plan that meets the energy and nutrient recommendations/needs of your athlete.
b. You will be graded on your ability to meet the recommendations of the nutrient(s) you researched for Assignment #2.
c. Use an asterisks or footnote, if applicable, to demonstrate which foods help to meet the specific nutrient goals/recommendations.
d. For example, if you identified vitamin C as a nutrient that you compared from the last assignment, asterisk foods high in vitamin C with a footnote that states “vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects from infection and is needed to form collagen to form connective tissue”.
4) Provide a brief note (1-2 paragraphs, no more than one page) to accompany your diet, written to the athlete.
a. Identify specific instructions, if needed, on the meal plan (for example, timing of meals – if applicable).
b. Explain what nutrient(s) recommendations you targeted and which specific foods were chosen helped to meet those recommended amounts.
c. Include in your narrative the specifics of the athlete and sport as described in the instructions described above.

5) Submit: (Word or PDF)
a. Three-day diets (1-3 pages).
b. One-page narrative for the targeted athlete.

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