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Prepare an office memorandum to answer this question:

You are a paralegal working in Plentibux & Moore, a boutique Richmond, Virginia law firm that specializes in white-collar criminal defense. The senior partner in the firm, Bob Plentibux calls you in to his office and tells you that he has a hot issue for you to research. The United States Attorney, Dirk Lynch, has indicated that he intends to call the firm’s best paralegal, Jack Starr, as a witness in a case. Jack has been involved in witness interviews, case research, and document review in the most important murder case in the firm.

Mr. Plentibux is concerned about what they can make Jack say and wants to know what the limits of paralegal confidentiality are in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He tells you to look at the Virginia Rules for Professional Responsibility to answer the question.

Be sure to cite your sources using proper BLUE BOOK FORMAT!!!! Your Memo should not exceed 3 pages single-spaced.
You MUST follow the format provided by your instructor!

Parts of an Office Memo:

Statement of Assignment: 5/5
Issue: 10/10
Brief Answer: 10/10
Facts: 10/10
Analysis: 25/25
Conclusion: 10/10
Recommendations: 10/10
Format: 10/10
Writing: 10/10

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