Topic: Personal Reflective Exercise: Transformational Leadership

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Complete the Personal Reflective Exercise in Chapter 25 of the Stories of Transformational Leadership text. In additional to submitting the exercise, please write a 660-990 word reflective paper that is based on the questions that illustrate a comparison and contrast between you and a leader, mentor, or coach in your life. Discuss the similarities you share with this person, what you are still striving to achieve, and any barricade in the way. Incorporate material from the textbooks and two additional scholarly sources to support your paper. This paper may be written in first person, however, it must be formatted in APA Style, 6th ed., with references and coordinating in- text citations.

The text book:
Burghardt, S. & Tolliver, W. (2010). Stories of transformative leadership in the human services: Why the glass is always full. Thousand Oaks, CA Sage

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