Topic: Project Conceptualization and Literature Review

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step by step develop a research plan that involves conceptualization and literature review on the basis of that conceptualization. In simple language what is the problem that your project addresses, what is the scope of the problem and around that a literature review you will write. In this paper you will write the

a) Problem Statement: What is the problem that the intervention you are evaluating or the intervention you are proposing plans to address. Describe the problem. If this is a substance use
related intervention then talk about what is the extent of substance use problem you have in the area where the agency draws its client from. Provide some stats and describe the problem. (1 page)

b) Proposed Project: In this part you will describe what are the variables you will test. What kind of
research design you will use? How quantitative, qualitative and single system design fits into your project. (1 page)

c) Literature Review: Carry out a literature review where you will review at least 5 peer reviewed journal article on the topic and state how similar studies about you project has been discussed in
the literature. (2 pages)

Grades will be given on your clarity of thoughts, APA6th adherence, identification of the variables, identification of the qualitative component and single system component, and your ability to carry out a
literature review.

So basically in the scheme of things housing comes before counseling services so the likelihood of counseling services should be your dependent variable and the housing placement types should come before that be your independent variable. The hypothesis, tentatively, then may look like this

“Housing placement types and other variable determine the likelihood of counseling services”

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