Topic: Project Management

Order Description
‘Real world projects’: Re-sit coursework.
Submission date/time: 8th July 2016 before 23:55

This assignment is for any student that has failed to pass the 206cde coursework during academic year 2015/16. You will be required to complete all of the following work individually and to the best of your ability. Work will be submitted via the Re-sit coursework link on the Moodle page before the deadline.

Ignoring your previous project, you are now required to create your own project idea. This project should be sufficient in scope to allow for multiple roles (such as project manager, programmer, designer, etc.) and should fall within the subject area of the course you are studying (which will be B.I.T (Business Information Technology).
You will be required to write a comprehensive report covering the following topics:
Scope and topic of the project.

Project aims and objectives.

Benefactors and stakeholders of the project.

Description of the roles required within the team and the responsibilities each of these would hold.

Full breakdown of the work required to complete the project from start to finish, (this may include visual representation, such as Gantt chart/s, product catalogue/ burn-down charts).

Identify which role would better suit your skillset and experience, write a section of the report related to the work you would complete, show some evidence of research towards this work.

Small reflective piece on potential issues this project might face and what solutions you might put in place to avoid/solve them.

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