Topic: Sales and marketing

Order Description
Assessment task: Individual written assignment – essay

Weighting: 60%

Word count: 1,500 ± 10% (excluding citations and reference list)

Presentation requirements: Essay format, as per presentation guidelines below

Date/time/method of submission: Submission via Turnitin by the deadline advised by the course administrator.

Learning outcomes to be assessed
This assessment is to test your achievement in all of the following Learning Outcomes: L01, L02, L03, L04

Instructions to students
It is essential for marketers to understand the implications of changes in the macro and micro environment.
Select a company or organisation (Virgin Airlines) of your choice that is relevant to your degree. Critically appraise all elements of the PESTLE analysis and discuss how marketers in this company/ organisation should adapt to external changes.

Marking criteria
Knowledge and understanding 30%
Context 20%
Analysis 15%
Synthesis 15%
Communication and Presentation 10%
Harvard Referencing 10%

Essay guidelines – content
• Understand what the question is asking you to do.
• Introduce the essay – what you are going to write about.
• Find and select the relevant information.
• Distinguish between evidence and opinions.
• Evaluate one company/ organisation throughout the essay.
• Plan and structure the information so that different points of view are presented.
• You must include relevant academic theory.
• Conclude your essay with reference to the question.
• You must answer the question
• Include a word count at the end of the essay.

Essay guidelines – presentation format
• Must be written in essay format – Introduction, main body, conclusion and references. No headings or sub-headings.
• Include a title page containing the title of your essay, module code and module name, student number and submission deadline.
• Your essay must be professionally written, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and fully referenced.
• Write clearly and concisely using plain English.
• In-text citations and reference list must be in Harvard convention (minimum 15 sources) (not included in the word count)
• Use font Times New Roman, 12pt, or similar.
• Use double spacing to allow for feedback.
• Margins on all sides of the page should be at least 2.5 cm for feedback.
• The page orientation should be ‘portrait’.
• All pages should be consecutively numbered.
• Essay of 1,500 words – You must stay within 10% +/- of the word count (does not include the reference list).

Submitting the assignment:
Important notes regarding your submission:
• You are able to submit drafts of your work up until the due date. Take advantage of the opportunity to submit revised drafts and make use of the originality report that is generated with every submission to ensure that you have referenced appropriately.
• Ensure that your final version is submitted by the deadline. After the deadline no further submissions are possible and the version that is on Turnitin at the time of the submission deadline will be marked.
• A separate submission link is provided for students with agreed extensions or submissions under the 5 day rule.

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