Topic: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—The Interview Guide

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Application 2: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—The Interview Guide

Qualitative research questions are open-ended, and typically restate the purpose of a study in specific terms. These questions should start with “what” or “how” instead of “why”. While you are developing your Central qualitative research question, you might begin by considering what type of questions to ask. Keep in mind that your research question for this assignment should be one that can be answered, at least in part, by this interview. Questions that provoke a yes/no response are not permitted in a doctoral study interview guide.

For this Application:

Review this week’s media resource regrading conducting interviews
Write your initial interview guide and post it for peer review by Day 3 under this week’s Discussion “Qualitative Research Question.” Refer to the course readings to assist you to develop an appropriate interview guide.
Revise your interview guide as needed.
By Day 7 submit your completed final draft interview guide template to the Week 2 Application 2 submission area.
Submit your final interview guide to both the Submission link and Discussion board by Day 7.

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